Tin Man


Well, Trivia 39 is complete and we finished in a very respectable 3rd place! Here are some photos from the weekend.



Let’s Play Trivia Fast Eddie!

Well Spring has sprung! How can I tell? Well, the temperatures are warm, the grass is green, Belt’s is open and it is time for TRIVIA!

Well, two out of four isn’t bad—it is 42 degrees and snowing, but Belt’s is open and it is just about 24 hours until the start of Trivia Weekend! So, it must be spring, even if the temprature won’t be above 35 this weekend.
I was reading an article in the Point Journal this week that likened Trivia Weekend to Brigadoon. But instead of once a century, it’s every 365 days. And, just like Brigadoon some strange things happen. The whole excitement of the event began last Friday evening, when Wade and I went o see “The Trivia Movie.” This year’s fabulous flick was Special. It was movie with great potential, but failed in the end. Let’s just say it was no Bubba Ho-Tepp–now that was a great film!

So, what is “Trivia?” I get that a lot from people that don’t know Stevens Point….It is the World’s Largest Trivia Contest that runs for 54 consecutive hours and is broadcast by our universities student run radio station, 90 FM. It includes questions of every variety, shape and form. And it isn’t just a matter of finding it on the internet.  Because you won’t be able to most of the time.  And if you can find them, you better search fast because you only have about 5 minutes to get your answer in.  Really, you need to see it to believe it (or check out the sites below).
This weekend is about the excitement of trivia, but it is also a chance to connect with an exceptional group of people that I have a long history with and only see once a year.   I am truly looking forward to spending time with all of them.  And, of course, answering some trivia. In good Kunze fashion, I will chronicle the entire event and post pictures up next week.

Want to learn a little about trivia? Here are a few good places:

So, now you know everything that you need to know about TRIVIA–so let’s play Fast Eddie!