kunze crew

A Bird! A Plane! A Flying FISH!!

This was a Christmas gift from Auntie Lori to Maddie and Maddie loves it. We just got it up and flying today and it is pretty cool!


Former Home Page

Well, if you are like some people (my friend Jeff for instance), you may wonder what happened to all of those great pictures that WERE on the home page.¬† Well, with the new, extreme “home page” makeover, I needed to move them¬† So here you go.


Jeff, just so you know, you and Maya will always have space on our website!

First Blog Entry!!

Well, here it is, our first blog entry!! Tracey is upstairs making cookies with Maya, Maddie will be getting home from school soon and I can’t wait to share with them the new KunzeCrew.com site!!! I want to thank BingoRabbit—a coder that I found on RentaCoder.com for setting up this site as well as my personal page, DavidJKunze.com. He set it up in such a way that even I can make it work!!

We wish you and your family a wonderful holiday season and hope that you have a great new year. If you haven’t seen our 2007 Holiday Letter—check out the document sharing section. I will try and put all of the old issues of Kunze Connection up and we can all see how we have changed in the last 10 years.