first day of school

Maya’s First Day of School & Maddie’s First Soccer Game

Well, it is that time of the year…yes, the kids are back in school and the weather has started to turn cool.  Maya started her Pre-K school at St. Stans just after Labor Day and has really enjoyed meeting new friends and see some old ones.

The fall soccer season has also begun and Maddie played her first game and had a great time.  Below are some pics for you to review.  Enjoy!


Maddie’s First Day of School 2008

Well, today was Maddie’s first day of 2nd grade.  It is really hard to believe that we have a second grader!!!  She had a great first day and we, of course captured a few pics of her.  Here are a few of the memorable quotes from the first day of school.

  • Where’s Maddie?“, Maya asking about noon…after realizing that her sister hadn’t been around.
  • You mean what happened between the bus trips?”  Maddie’s response to her Mom’s question about her day after telling us only about the bus….
  • Don’t hold his hand“—Tracey, after finding out that a student sucks his thumb.
  • Mrs. Something.”  Maddie in response to my question about the name of her Spanish teacher
  • Save the questions until the end.”  Maddie telling us about her day, but not giving enough information.  I guess she learned a new phase at school….