Family Happenings

Kunze Family Photo Shoot 2011

This year for Christmas, our entire family was together and we had this photo shoot done. First time in a long time that we have all been together and it was great to have everyone on Stevens Point for the holiday. I hope that you enjoy seeing the pictures of everyone!


Summer Update

My, how the time has passed.  I can’t believe that it is already mid-July–where has the summer gone!  We have been enjoying some pretty good weather (between the storms) and the pool and deck have been in for a few weeks so we have been enjoying our time in the water.

Jeanne’s house is well under way and the “Mother-in-law Path” is all set and ready.  Now the girls will have a short little walk when they want to visit Gramma or just get a cookie that we won’t give them.  We are really very excited to have Jeanne move—she is just about 30 days away from moving in and you can check out pictures of her house here.  We have been taking pictures every few days to document the process.

The girls have been very busy this summer.  Maddie has 10 hours a week of gymnastics and both girls have swimming lessons every day.  Both girls have become really strong swimmers and Tracey and I are very pleased about that.

We have been very lucky to have many visitors this summer.  My sisters Lisa and Lori came with their daughters, Jeanne has made a number of trips and her friend Vicky Ann even came up once.  My Aunt Mary, Uncle Roger and my Gram are here right now.   We also had our friends Melinda and Chuck from the U.P. here for a weekend.  Visitors sure make the time fly….

In the next few weeks we will have some more visitors—Tracey’s Dad and his wife Wendy will be here, Tracey’s Aunt Cathy is stopping by on their way home from vacation, my sister Linda will be here for a few days and to top it all off….we are planning a party in August!  And I am still holding out that my brother Tim will make it for a few days this summer.

This weekend Tracey and her college roommates will be getting together for their annual get together—I know that she is looking forward to that.  They always have a great time and it is nice to catch up with old friends.  They are meeting at the Henry Vilas Zoo in Madison—Maddie and Maya are very excited.  They love that little zoo a lot.

Speaking of old friends, I had a nice, but too short, of a visit with my college roommate Scott Zuelke.  He and his family moved away last year and we miss them terribly, but it was good to catch up with him and find out about his life.  In August, Tracey and I will be going to the Dave Matthews Band concert at Alpine Valley with my other college roommate Mike Willis and his wife Shelly.  I’m a big fan of the music, but I am even more excited to see Mike and Shelly as it has been a few years.

The garden hasn’t produced much so far—we got one tomato this week, but I need to get out and do some weeding.  We may have more under the pile of weeds that we just can’t see!

That is about all for now.  And for my friends Craig and Robin, who not only read the stuff I post, but critique my grammar—please be kind.  It is late and has been a long day, but I hope you get a good laugh out of it.

All the best to our family and friends.  Cheers!