Disney Cruise

Disney Vacation 2010

Here is a video overview of our Disney Cruise and Theme Park trip from September of this year.


Disney Vacation!

Well, we just got back from Disney, well, not just got back.  We have been back for a few weeks, but I have been negligent in putting up the info.  You can view the photos in our Photo Gallery, but in this post I will tell you a little about our trip.

The trip started out with direct flight from Milwaukee to Orlando—Super Bowl Sunday, so yes, I missed the best game of the century, but those are the things you do for your family…We then took the Disney Express to our hotel, The Beach Club.  We had a great room courtesy of Galyn and Wendy and thier Disney Vacation Club membership.

The first day at Disney, Maddie and I got to see the opening and watch Mickey arrive.  We all then went to Bibbidy Bobbidy Salon where the girls got a full princess make over.  After that we spent the day at Disney World and had a great time on rides and of course eating. 

A few of the other highlights of the trip…The Pirate and Princess Party at Disney World was a great time.  The park closed that night at 7 pm and we had special tickets that allowed us to stay in.  Because of the small crowd, we had our choice of rides.  Maddie was so excited that she got to ride Space Mountain, not once but three times—in less than an hour.  The evening events like this are really worth it and we will do it again in the future.

We also spent a day at Epcot and Animal Kingdom.  Galyn and I rode Everest at Animal Kingdom and that ride is FUN.  We also did the Safari at Animal Kingdom and it is like a mini journey to Africa and taking a game drive.  After four days exploring the parks of Disney, we drove to Cape Canaveral to get on the Disney Wonder cruise ship.

The day that we got on the cruise ship was Maddie’s birthday, February 7th.  We hadn’t been on board for more than 10 minutes and we got to see the Space Shuttle take off from the deck of the ship.  This was really a highlight of the trip for all of us.

On board the ship we had a great time.  Our cabin was very large (Disney knows that you will probably have kids in the cabin and gives you extra space).  Maddie and Maya had bunkbeds and they thought that they were great.  On board the entertainment and food was fantastic, but the service of the staff was really exceptional.  One night the theater had a production called “The Golden Mickey’s” and Maddie and Maya were put on stage with Snow White and got to dress up as dwarves.  Again, check out the photo gallery for some great photos of this!

The cruise made two stops.  One in Nassau and one at Disney’s private island Cataway Cay.  In Nassau, we walked the street and did some shopping.  Castaway Cay was a great place for us to just hang at the beach and catch some sun.  During the whole trip, we had great weather, but none better than at Castaway Cay where it was in the mid-80’s. 

After we returned to Port Canaveral, we drove back to Orlando and stayed at a hotel right next to Sea World.  Tracey and I went to Sea World a number of years ago in San Diego, and the Orlando park is much bigger and has a lot more to offer.  We went to 3 shows:  Shamu (a must see, as that is what they are famus for), The dolphin show and the Clyde and Seamore show.  All were really good, but we liked the dolphin show the best.

A few highlights of Sea World were feeding the dolphins and riding “Kraken.”  While feeding the dolphins, Tracey and Maya were attacked by a bird that wanted the fish that we got for the dolphins.  Tracey got a pretty bad cut on her hand and Maya was really freaked out.  But, Maya wasn’t as freaked out as Tracey riding Kraken.  That is one heck of a roller coaster—fast and lots of loops!  Galyn and I enjoyed it (can’t say the same about Tracey—again see photos).

We had 7 great days of vacation and when we got home we had a number of rooms painted so Maya said “Did we get a new house?”