Dave Matthews Band

Concert with Mike & Shelly

This weekend, Tracey and I ventured down to Milwaukee to spend some time with our friends, Mike & Shelly Willis.  We also got the opportunity to go see the Dave Matthews Band concert at Alpine Valley and celebrate Mike’s birthday.


We had a really great time (and a long night).  It was great to see Mike & Shelly and see their boys again. We were guessing that it has been 3 or more years since we have seen each other, but as soon as we were together, it seemed like no time had passed!

The concert was great, but catching up with Mike & Shelly was really the best.  We ate some sushi, had a few drinks,  talked and talked, enjoyed some music and then went to George Webb for Mike’s birthday breakfast.

We are very thankful that Mike and Shelly have moved back to Wisconsin and are now only just over 2 hours away.  We think that we have them convinced to come to our pool party next weekend (please take that as a big hint!).