A Bird! A Plane! A Flying FISH!!

This was a Christmas gift from Auntie Lori to Maddie and Maddie loves it. We just got it up and flying today and it is pretty cool!


Kunze Family Photo Shoot 2011

This year for Christmas, our entire family was together and we had this photo shoot done. First time in a long time that we have all been together and it was great to have everyone on Stevens Point for the holiday. I hope that you enjoy seeing the pictures of everyone!

Christmas Concert 2010

This year Maddie and Maya each had a Christmas concert at Sentry Insurance. My video work isn’t the best, but both concerts were fun to watch and truly helped us bring in the Christmas Season.

While these are fun concerts to attend, the girls love the idea of getting dressed up and seeing all of their friends in ‘fancy outfits.’

Here is my montage video of a few of the songs and some pictures of the girls.

Christmas 2008

We had just a great holiday this year!!!  Gramma Jeanne came over and helped us as we opened gifts and the girls got everything that they wanted (and then some).  The top gifts:  Maddie–iPod (and all of the accessories).  Maya—Pink Guitar and Buttons the talking horse.  Here are some pictures to enjoy of the gift opening, playing with the gifts and a few pics from Maya’s Christmas concert!!
After we were done in Stevens Point, we then traveled down to Texas to spend some time with my family. Pictures of that are below!