Sign, Sign, Everywhere a Sign!

A few weeks ago with all of the protesting in Madison, some of it managed to make its way to Stevens Point.  As we were driving home from church one Sunday, Maya saw all of these protestors and asked “Why are they holding all of those signs?”  Tracey responded “Because they want everyone to know how them feel about the issues that are important to them.”

When we got home, Maya had lunch and then went to her craft table.  She came back a few minutes later with her own sign that says “Love God!”  When asked what she was going to do with it, she said she was going to walk around our neighborhood and let everyone know how she felt.  And, that is just what she did.  Here she is walking around with her own sign about something that she is passionate about.  We love you Maya, thank you for making our day.

Love God

Maya Tells Everyone to "Love God"





  1. So nice to see something positive for a change! Thank you Maya for reminding everyone the real TRUTH and thanks mom and dad for making MY day.

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