Maddie’s Christmas Break

Here are Maddie’s thoughts on what we have done since Christmas….Enjoy!

On my Christmas break, we did ‘back to back’ movies (i.e. double feature) with Gramma Jeanne, we saw Water Horse and Alvin & The Chipmunks. I liked them both very much. It was the first time, we have done two movies in the same day.

Uncle Tim gave us a gift card to Wal-Mart and I got a new game for my Nintedo DS, it is Hannah Montana and it is pretty sweet.

Today we went sledding at Iverson Park and we might go back tonight and go tobogganing. Tomorrow we are going swiming at an indoor water park, it is kind of like the Dells. At Iverson, I went the most times down the hill out of Mom, Dad and Maya, but we were all very tired.

On Christmas break, I spent a lot of time with Mom, Dad, Maya and Gramma Jeanne. My favorite gift from Santa was the Nintendo DS and the best gift from Mom and Dad is my Tomagachi and from Gramma it was my CD player.


One comment

  1. Very cool site David! I am not quite sure where on Earth you have the time for all this though! Your girls (and wife, I might add…) are beautiful.

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