A Maya Funny

Today, we were finishing up dinner and Tracey looked at the floor and said “Oh, a dust bunny!”

Maya looked up from her plate and said “How did a bunny get in here!”

Maddie, Tracey and I got a good laugh out of it, but in the end, Maya laughed the loudest. She didn’t even know she was that funny.

We have had a busy few weeks. Maddie and Maya had their dance recital and just last week, both the girls had their Christmas concerts (I have pics and video I will load soon).

Both girls are very excited about the up coming holiday. It is really nice, Maddie & Maya have really gotten in to the spirit of giving—they really wanted to give Mom a present, so they wrapped up a blanket (one of Maya’s favorites) and put it under the tree.

Tonight I took Maya to the YMCA for gymnastics and as we were walking in, she told me that she saw Santa. Must have been doing a dry run. Needless to say, both girls are very excited about Santa and Christmas, so check back soon as I’m sure that we will have LOTS of pictures to post.


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